Coffee Chronicles – Coffee to the rescue!

I have always been a huge coffee lover but now (in this extended Covid lockdown period) I have just come to love and value it all the more. I figured that if coffee, specifically filter coffee, goes missing from my life I’d go insane and there would be no way I would brave through 2020. In fact, just recently, I couldn’t find any brand of filter coffee for purchase. I panicked and how refreshing online stores every few minutes and checking with every other local store if they could source the coffee for me. Thankfully, I found some online and made sure I stocked enough to last me a while, like a really long while!  

Nope, this doesn’t mean I gulp too much coffee everyday. Its just about 2-3 medium sized cups per day but it is the incredible impact it has on me that I am talking about. Freshly brewed filter coffee gives me the boost to deal with an action packed day and relieves every stress and strain. And so for me life is no good without some caffeine in it. An exaggeration you think? Hmm well, taste a cup of filter coffee at my house and you would surely think alike. In fact, coffee has become so central and entwined with my life that it seems like so many experiences and so much happiness revolves around it for me. 

For instance, when the question of best food cooked by mom comes most people would say rajma-chawal, aloo and poori, pulihora, payasam et al right? But for me it is always the coffee, the filter coffee that my mother makes. Every time I visit my parents in Hyderabad one of the things I really look forward to is the most amazing coffee my amma makes. The first cup of coffee in the morning is the most important. And my darling mother makes sure its just the way I like it – hot, frothy and with a little bit of extra sugar (extra sugar only in the mornings, else I like my coffee strong to the extent of a bit bitter). She keeps my daughters entertained so that they don’t bother me and I get to enjoy my morning coffee with another staple in the house, The Hindu (not to forget an M S Subhalaxmi/ Balamurali Krishna song running faintly in the background).    

Even when my younger sister comes to India our best time together is with coffee of course. Our ideal way to spend quality time is to lazy around the whole day in our pyjamas sipping several cups of the most amazing coffee by amma and chatter away continuously. Its days like these that fill my heart with content and absolute joy. I mean what else can be better than having the people you love most around you and some coffee to share the joy. 

This coffee love of mine is so infectious that I passed it to my husband too. When we got married he would have coffee occasionally and it really did not mean anything to him. But 11 years down the line and the first thing he asks me even before we kind of fully wake up is ‘please make me some coffee’. And no the instant coffee will never do, it has to be the strong filter coffee that I or Amma make. And this is assurance enough that me and my husband are perfect for each other ;D

I have myriad stories and experiences around related to coffee and I would love to share them all with you. Hopefully, more Coffee Chronicles soon:)

In the meantine, do share your coffee stories or what coffee means to you! I would love to know!


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