The sibling bond!

Rakshabandhan, a bond of protection from a brother to his sister. I simply love this idea. What better way to encourage sibling love, trust and bond than a whole festival to celebrate it. But growing up I had a bit of a problem with the festival. I don’t have own brothers and most of my cousin brothers never stayed close home. This meant I never got to tie rakhis to my brothers every year. It was a very occasional thing. 

So, I used to get a little upset around this festival. And then, one year I asked my mother if I and my little sister ( who is hands down the best’est sibling anyone can ever get) could tie rakhis to each other. But sadly my mother thought the idea to be unconventional and silly as the whole purpose of tying a rakhi is to seek protection from a brother. Hmmm. I did not argue much with her then but secretly hoped I’d have a son and daughter so I could celebrate this festival with them in the future at least:)

Years passed by, I got married and became mommy to two wonderful daughters. Now I am the mommy, I call the shots;) When you are incharge you get to tweak the big things :D, make the unconventional trendy.  

I have taught my daughters that rakshabandhan is when the siblings (with no mention of gender) promise to love, take care, respect and protect each other under all circumstances. Every year it is incredibly heartwarming to see the girls tie rakhis to each other and make tons of promises. Of course, the most exciting part for them is the cartoon character on their rakhi:). 

They also tie rakhis to all their cousins, irrespective of gender, whenever possible. This is like their new friendship band. And by the way, we have a brother now:) my nephew (my sister’s son) and the girls have already posted rakhis to him and will be virtually tying it on the festival. 

Only thing thats missing now is me tying a rakhi to my sister. Hopefully some year we will celebrate the festival together and tie rakhis to each other. In spirit of course, we have always tied rakhis to each other (even when mommy said that it is silly). 

Wishing all the siblings a wonderful rakhi. May your bonds very grow strong!

2 thoughts on “The sibling bond!

  1. Lovely write up. I feel all the festivals are about preserving values which are carried on from ages so I still taught kids that u have to tie it to your brothers.. but decided now will practice the same after all it’s all about creating values

    1. Absolutely Shradha! My kids also tie rakhi to all cousin brothers but at the same time the emphasis is not just on brother sister bond but also sister-sister and brother-brother:) Wishing you a very happy rakshabandhan:)

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