All About Me

About me

I am name Nirnitha Yugendernath (I insist on the surname as its my dad’s name and a daddy’s girl I am). Born and raised in Hyderabad, I now live in Mumbai with my family. Once a Hyderabadi, always a Hyderabadi. So quite literally I am this lazy relaxed Hyderabadi caught up in the fast paced rigmarole of a city that Mumbai is:) And rest assured, I have come to tremendously love and respect this new home of mine as well. 

What do I do?

I have a post-graduate degree in Mass Communications from the University of Hyderabad and then worked in some of the biggest conglomerates in India including the Tatas and Birlas. But then something happened that kind of changed my life forever. I became a mommy:) I thought I’d take a little break from work and tend to my daughter as we are nuclear family. I did that for a year and got back to work briefly before I had another daughter. Post that managing two daughters became so handful that I went on another break (which seems to be ongoing with no idea when I will restart). The journey of raising these two pieces of my heart (with the most wonderful husband and father to my kids I could ever ask for) has definitely been the most gratifying experience in my life (the close next being a daughter and older sister in that order).

What interests me?

There is so much that interests me that I often wonder where to start! Ideally, I’d say a little bit of everything. Arts, music, science, politics, movies (not necessarily in that order, the reverse actually). Now being home the last couple of years has definitely increased my interest and passion towards things concerning everyday life and home making. So there’s interiors, cooking/ food, growing plants, parenting, relationships, and Netflixing (ya thats a legitimate word and am doing so much of it off late that I think it will be unfair not to put it up here;) ). I do intend to touch upon all or at least most of these topics in my blogposts. So, let’s see how it goes and yes welcome to my crazy little world:)